Teacher Training Programs

Offering flexible schedules, reasonable rates, and several payment options including Military Self Pay, First Responders, Teacher Discounts and more.

We welcome you to the Yoga Legacy Teacher Training Program and our Yoga Community. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your goals and dreams. During training, we will guide and mentor you on your Yoga journey as you deepen your practice and complete your Yoga certification.

RYT200 teacher training

We offer our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training program in a series of modules, each Core Module is taught over a period of two (2) days. Our program includes all materials for the Core RYT200 training. There is nothing to buy, no additional workshops, classes, or costs. The price you pay is all-inclusive for the entire training and includes all manuals and materials necessary for the core modules.

We believe you learn to teach yoga by teaching yoga. Practicing yoga teaches you how to practice yoga, teaching yoga teaches you how to teach yoga. With this in mind, you will have the opportunity to lead a yoga class to fellow trainees each weekend of training. You will receive feedback from the Master Trainer and develop your skills as a Yoga Instructor.

Our many options enable you to choose a training program most convenient to your schedule and to meet your specific goals.

RYT200 full 9 and 10 month weekend programs. This program includes all the core modules and two specialty elective modules, which are taught over the weekend. It suits students who need to balance the yoga training with their career and family life.

RYT200 full 6 month intensive program. In this program, all the core modules and two specialty elective modules are taught during the weekend over a shorter 6 month time span. This suits the students that would like to complete the training to teach and qualify for registration with Yoga Alliance in a shorter time frame.

Self-paced weekend program. This is for those students who cannot schedule a full training program or only wish to take specific modules to deepen their own practice. The students can pace the training to fit their own schedule, selecting from the modules offered on the weekends. Module 1 is the prerequisite for all future modules.

RYT500 teacher training

We also offer our RYT500 teacher training program, Yoga Therapeutic Essentials, as a series of required and elective specialty modules that includes individual mentoring sessions. This advanced training is self-paced and typically takes two to four years to complete. Find out more.


Yoga Alliance defines a minimum level of competency and training requirements for teachers and schools in the Yoga Community. To become registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), students must certify or complete training from a school that is registered with and complies with Yoga Alliance Standards. Only Yoga Alliance awards the designation of RYT. Certification awards you a CYT, Certified Yoga Teacher designation; registration with Yoga Alliance awards you an RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher designation.

All 200 Hour Yoga Legacy students need to complete the required eight (8) core modules, 42 hours of elective modules, and additional non-contact hours to earn a 220 hour certification from Yoga Legacy.  This will qualify you to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200.

Advanced studies 300 Hour Yoga Legacy students need to complete the requirement of 270 contact hours and additional non-contact hours for a minimum total of 300 hours of training after earning their 200 Hour certification. This will qualify you to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT500.

Notes about training and certification:

  • Missing training hours must be made up at the trainees expense.
  • To receive Specialty Certificates, you must attend the full 21 hours for each Specialty Module.
  • We offer flexibility in our training. Individual training plans are available for missing training hours if applied for and approved in advance. All individual training plans must be requested in writing by email prior to registration. Call our office for details.