Yoga Foundations Program

The 85 Hour Yoga Foundations Program consists of four Modules: Yoga Basics, Yoga Life Force (Pranayama), Yoga Alignment, and Yoga Strength and Safety. This training was designed for those instructors who took an online or other training that did not adequately prepare them to teach yoga, but rather taught the study of yoga as well as for those wishing to teach Yoga in a Fitness or Gym setting without completing a full RYT200 Program. The Yoga Foundations Program will prepare the instructor to teach a safe, well rounded class.

Modules in this program are designed to be taken in order, with Module 1 the prerequisite for future modules. If modules cannot be attended in order, please contact Yoga Legacy to apply for a waiver. Trainee will have the option to continue to a Full RYT200 Program with Yoga Legacy upon completion of the Yoga Foundations Program if desired. Specialties that have a four module prerequisite are open to the Yoga Foundations Trainees at an additional cost as noted on our payment and registration page.

Check our Yoga Teacher Training Comparison Chart to evaluate the differences between our RYT200 program and others in the area.

NOTE: This Program is not available as a Pay As You Go option, as it includes the required $350 non-refundable deposit.

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