RYT200 Training Program

Yoga Alliance RYS200 insigniaDo you feel ready to take the next step in your Yoga practice? Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of yoga or train to become a Yoga instructor and share your love of yoga? These are questions that arise as you immerse yourself in Yoga. If you have reached this crossroads, then our Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect fit for you!

Yoga Legacy is committed to training high quality yoga teachers.  Success will depend upon the student and their ability to come to training with the desire to truly learn, the ability to let go of ego, and the ability to start with an empty slate regardless of any prior experience.

The Yoga Legacy RYT200 Training Program consists of 8 required core modules and 2 elective modules of study. Each module focuses on a specific subject or area of study and includes appropriate yoga poses. The poses are introduced incrementally, with a focus on alignment and safety, and are reinforced throughout the program.

Yoga Legacy dedicates a full weekend to material to give the trainee a complete understanding of the material rather than a brief overview. This allows the trainee to gain a deeper understanding and experience the material presented.

Module 1 is the foundation course and is required before you can take any of the other modules. You can take all the other modules in any order. This flexibility is perfect for participants that are looking for just one area of study, students that cannot fit a full training program into their schedule and need to take it in segments, or fitness and yoga instructors that need individual continuing education credits (CECs) to maintain their current certifications.

Check our Yoga Teacher Training Comparison Chart to evaluate the differences between our RYT200 program and others in the area.

Required core modules

Module 1: Yoga Basics
Foundation course introducing you to Yoga Legacy and the basic poses or asanas. This course is a pre-requisite for all other modules.

Module 2: Yoga and the Life Force
Focusing on the study of Pranayama.

Module 3: Yoga Alignment, Modifications and Adjustment
Working with proper posture and how to adjust students in each posture.

Module 4: Yoga Strength and Safety
Understanding what muscles are used in different poses with a focus on safety.

Module 5: Yoga Kriyas, Chanting, and Sanskrit
Discovering a healthy body and learning the language of Sanskrit in yoga.

Module 6: Yoga Pratyahara, Psychology, Flower Essence and Oils
Looking at the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Module 7: Yoga Subtle Body, Meditation and Chakras
Understanding the energy centers with a focus on meditation.

Module 8: Yoga the Lifestyle, Business, and Ethics
Discussion of the business side of yoga.

Additional requirements

Specialty modules
RYT200 students are required to take two specialty modules, comprising 42 elective hours, to complete their training.

Non-contact activities
You must also complete 40 hours of independent activities outside of your classroom training. These can include teaching outside yoga classes, reading approved yoga texts, or observing yoga classes. In Module 1, we discuss which activities are acceptable and how to record them.

Transfer or missed hours

  • Transfer of credits from other yoga schools might be available, upon approval. The minimum fee is $150.00 per module, with a two module maximum. Call our office for information.
  • If you miss hours during training, you will be required to attend that Module the next time it is offered (see fees)  unless other arrangements were made prior to training registration (all requests must be made in writing via email). Otherwise, you can request an Individualized Training Program Plan, which has an additional fee.

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