2/1-2/3 – Restorative Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials**
3/23-3/24 – Yoga for Trauma and PTSD*
8/3-8/4 –  Asana, Assisting and Sequencing*
8/25 – Advanced Pranayama (8 Hours – 9AM-5PM)
9/28-9/29 – Yoga and Ayurveda*
10/25-10/27 – Yin Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials**
11/16-11/17 – Yoga for Nervous System Imbalances and Chronic Pain*


1/18-1/19 – Musculoskeletal Assessment Part I (Upper Body)*
2/29-3/1 – Musculoskeletal Assessment Part II (Lower Body)*

*Training will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-5PM for 16 Hour Modules.
**Training will be held on Friday night from 6:30-8:30PM; Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM-5:15PM for 18.5 Hour Modules


100 South Fitness Drive Fuquay Varina, NC 27526


Asana, Assisting and Sequencing
In this module, attendees will learn to lead multi-level classes using various techniques; learn IAYT approved assisting techniques and how to sequence for specific populations, themes and series classes. Teachers will have an opportunity to practice creative sequencing.

Advanced Pranayama
This module will further explore pranayama deepening the attendees understanding of pranayama. Participants will study and define specific practices and the best pranayama to address specific needs.

Meditation Techniques for Health and Wellbeing
In this training attendees will study various meditation techniques; and, identify those that are best suited to address specific needs.

Musculoskeletal Assessment and Application, Part I
In this training, attendees will learn to identify and assess skeletal imbalances in the upper body and define yoga applications to address them.

Musculoskeletal Assessment and Application, Part II
In this training, attendees will learn to identify and assess skeletal imbalances in the lower body and define yoga applications to address them.

Restorative Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials
In this training, attendees will learn posture, pranayama and meditative techniques that are suited for a Restorative practice. You will learn therapeutic essentials for a Restorative practice, as well as chakra and dosha balancing restorative practices.

Study of Ancient Texts
Attendees will read specific ancient text(s); discuss the text in a study group setting, deepening your understanding of the texts of yoga.

Yin Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials
Yin yoga is known as the quiet practice; and, it is well known for its beneficial therapeutic applications. In this training, the attendees will learn the practice and how it can be individually tailored to address specific conditions.

Yoga and Ayurveda
Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary practices used by yoga gurus and practitioners. Combination of the two practices will integrate the health system of Ayurveda with the lifestyle of a Yoga practice for maximum health and life benefits. Attendees will also learn Yoga practices for balancing dosha imbalances.

Yoga for Nervous System Imbalances and Chronic Pain
In this module, we will study practices for those that want to lessen their dependence on medications. Attendees will learn to experiment with dual-modality applications to address various imbalances and pain.

Yoga for Trauma and PTSD
Attendees will learn to teach a highly specialized class for those that have suffered trauma and suffer from PTSD. Insight into the different types of trauma will be reviewed as well as protocols to teach to this sensitive segment of the population.

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