RYT500 Training Program (300 Hour Curriculum)

Advanced Yoga Training

Open format training; attend modules in any order at your own pace.

Have you decided to delve deeper in your yoga training, attending an advanced yoga training and completing your RYT500 Certification? Are you a yoga practitioner or yoga instructor looking to gain more knowledge about Yoga? If you are looking for a training that builds on and expands your 200 Hour Training or learn more about Yoga, our Yoga Therapeutic Essentials is the perfect fit.

This training is open to all 200 Hour Yoga Teachers and serious practitioners who wish to attend modules of interest and/or satisfy CEU requirements. It is highly recommended that you attend Module 1, Yoga Basics before attending other Modules if you are not a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher.

Yoga Alliance RYS200 insigniaYoga Legacy has been approved as a RYS300 with Yoga Alliance. As yoga has grown in popularity, people have begun to realize the full benefits of this ancient practice and its potential as a therapeutic modality. With this in mind, we now offer a RYT500 Training Program called Yoga Therapeutic Essentials that consists of 300 hours of advanced yoga training beyond the 200 hours needed for your RYT200 certification.

Yoga Therapeutic Essentials

Our Yoga Therapeutic Essentials program offers a strong foundation for understanding and applying the therapeutic benefits of yoga. It is appropriate for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, and health care providers who want to specialize in applying yoga’s therapeutic benefits to improve overall health and wellness. It’s an opportunity to take your passion to the next level, refine your professional skills, and stay on the forefront of yoga knowledge.

The program includes advanced training that builds on basic yoga concepts and goes deeper into yoga theory and applied practice. You must successfully complete 270 contact hours of training and an additional 30 non-contact hours to graduate from the program. All Modules are held at our home studio, Clubworx and may be offered at other locations from time to time. All our Core Modules are 16 hours except as noted below. Our core training modules are:

  • Asana, Assisting and Sequencing (AAS)
  • Advanced Pranayama (AP) – 8 Hour Module
  • Meditation Techniques for Health & Wellbeing (MTHW) – 8 Hour Module
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment & Application Part I and II (MAA I, MAA II) – (2 weekends, 16 hours each)
  • Mentorship
  • Restorative Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials (RYTE) – 18.5 Hour Module
  • Study Of Ancient Texts (SAT)
  • Yin Yoga for Therapeutic Essentials (YYTE) – 18.5 Hour Module
  • Yoga and Ayurveda (YA)
  • Yoga for Nervous System Imbalances and Chronic Pain (YNSICP)
  • Yoga for Trauma and PTSD (YTPTSD)

8 Hour Modules are held from 9AM to 5PM
16 Hour Modules are held from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday
18.5 Hour Modules are held from 6:30PM to 8:30PM on Friday night, and 9AM to 5:15PM on Saturday and Sunday

Requirements and fees

To enter our RYT500 program, you must already have completed your RYT200 training and pay a $250 registration fee.

Our training modules
After you are registered, you can achieve the required 270 contact hours by taking our core modules and 85 hours of specialty and elective modules, which we offer on weekends at various locations throughout the year. The modules can be taken in any order. All core modules that are required to complete the RYT500 Program are noted above (bulleted list).

Other options
You can also take some pre-approved workshops offered by other yoga schools and organizations. Be sure to check with us first!  If you took advanced yoga training or workshops before joining our RYT500 program, they might also apply toward the required hours.  We will review them and, if they qualify, you can apply them toward your 270 contact hours at the rate of $5.00 per hour of training.

Typically, it takes more than two to three years to finish the program requirements. We will meet with you, as necessary, throughout your training to discuss your plan and mentor your progress. During your program, there will be an additional requirement of one-on-one mentoring with a $250 mentoring fee as part of your graduation requirements. These mentoring hours will count toward your 270 contact-hour requirements.

For detailed module descriptions, location, and schedule click here.

Register and pay

Register and pay here with PayPal or contact us to make other arrangements. (Note: We use state of the art security measures to ensure a safe transaction. All information is protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.)

RYT500 registration fee: $250.00
RYT500 mentorship fee: $250.00
Transfer prior training hours at $5.00 per hour

16 Hour Core Module fee: $400

Type Module name below (from bulleted list above)

18.5 Hour Core Module Fee: $425

8 Hour Core Module Fee: $200
Choose from the drop-down menu.

8 Hour Core Modules

Refunds and cancellation

Registration and mentorship: RYT500 registration fee and mentorship fee are not refundable.

Individual modules: Payments for RYT500 modules or specialty elective modules are not refundable.  However, you can transfer the payment to a later offering of the same module with a $100 transfer fee, if requested up to 7 days prior to the first day of the module. This option is available once per module for a total of three (3) transfers per RYT500 Program. After that, no refunds or transfers are allowed.

Cancellations: If any program is canceled by Yoga Legacy due to low enrollment, payment may be transferred to another program or a full refund will be issued upon request.

Find out more

We encourage you to contact us for more details, for other payment methods, or with any questions or concerns. Call our office at 919-665-1514.

Note: Before you can register for RYT500 certification with Yoga Alliance, you will need at least 100 hours of teaching experience in addition to the 300 hours of training.