Teacher Training Prices

This chart shows our prices for full programs, combo packages, and individual modules. See our Yoga Teacher Training Comparison Chart to evaluate the differences between our program and others in the area.

We offer discount prices on several training programs if you pay in full 45-120 days before the program starts. Visit our discounts and special offers page or call our office to find out about our promotions, social media, and early payment discounts.

Be sure to check our schedules to see our current offerings, and then go to our registration page to enroll in a program and pay.

Training type Cost Prepaid discount
Individual modules
Individual core modules — 18 hours each
Modules 1 through 8
$290.00 None
Elective 1-day modules — 9 hours each
Water Yoga
$175.00 None
Specialty 3-day modules — 21 hours each
Detox Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga Modifications, Senior Yoga (including Chair)
$475.00 None
Full programs and combo packages
RYT200 Full Program**
8 core modules and 2 specialty modules
Choose 2 from Detox Yoga, Hot Yoga, Senior Yoga, and Yoga Modifications.
Note: Meets Yoga Alliance qualifications.
$3200.00 $2600.00 (45-120 days in advance)
$2995.00 (up to 14 days in advance)
RYT200 First Responders and Teachers Program
A full program specially priced for first responders and elementary or high school teachers.Includes 8 core modules and 2 specialty modules. Choose 2 from Detox Yoga, Hot Yoga, Senior Yoga, and Yoga Modifications.
Note: Meets Yoga Alliance qualifications.
$2500.00 We offer four payments spread over an extended period of time at the lowest pricing for a FULL RYT200 Program with no additional payment processing fees.  Also, if you have a passion to serve others through yoga, see our Seva program for additional discounts.
Core Program
8 core modules only
Note: Student must take 2 additional Specialty Modules to register with Yoga Alliance.
$2300.00 $2100.00 (45-120 days in advance)
Core Plus Program**
44-hour Mastery of the Basics (Repeats Modules 1 & 2, plus additional flexible hours with Mastery component)
Note: Meets Yoga Alliance qualifications. Cannot be combined with any other program.
$2700.00 $2400.00 (45-120 days in advance)
Specialty Combo
Choose 2 from Detox Yoga, Hot Yoga, Senior Yoga, and Yoga Modifications.
$925.00 $900.00
Prenatal Yoga
Must have RYT200 to register
$1300.00 $1200.00
** Additional savings: With full payments received up to 90 days in advance, you can take an additional $100 off of any RYT200 Program by following us on Twitter & Instagram and Liking Us on Facebook! Visit our Discounts page to make it happen.
Home study options
200 Level Home Study Program
Includes 200 Level materials for you to study on your own. Successful completion entitles you to a Certificate of Study – Home Study Program, 200 Level. This option does not allow registration with Yoga Alliance.
$599.00 None
Individualized training
Individualized Training Program Plan
Additional charge for requesting an individualized plan after you have begun training.
$250.00 None

Additional fees

  • $25 late registration fee, if registering for our Pay-As-You-Go program.
  • $5 PDF Certificate fee for individual modules, if registered in RYT200 Full Program.
  • $10 PDF Certificate fee for individual modules, if NOT registered in RYT200 Full Program.
  • $25 PDF Certificate fee for additional RYT200 certificates. (One RYT200 PDF certificate is included in Full Program pricing.)
  • $75 charge for documentation review of contact and non-contact hours, if not kept current during training.
  • If you miss hours during training, you will be required to attend that Module the next time it is offered unless other arrangements were made prior to training registration (all requests must be made in writing via email). Otherwise, you can request an Individualized Training Program Plan, which has an additional fee.
  • Module transfer fees are required if a transfer is not requested and approved prior to the start of training. Two or more of these transfers will require an Individualized Training Program Plan.
  • A non-refundable Program Registration Fee is included in full program prices. This fee is transferable.
  • Transfer of credits from other yoga schools may be available, upon approval. The minimum fee is $150.00 per module, with a two module maximum. Call our office for information.

Payment plans: For your convenience, we offer payment plans for the RYT200 Full Program and Core Plus Program, so that you can spread the training costs over a longer period of time.