Specialty electives

Specialty Electives

Yoga Legacy offers the following specialty modules that focus on areas of specific interest beyond our core yoga training. Students in our RYT200 training program must choose 2 specialty modules for 42 hours of training. Students in our RYT500 training program and people who already have a RYT200 certification can take any of the specialty or elective modules, as appropriate.

Be sure to check our Training Schedules to see our current offerings. Then, register and pay for these modules on our Prices and Registration page.

Specialty modules (RYT200 or RYT500)

Choose two of these modules as part of our Yoga Legacy RY200 training program. The modules can also apply to the Yoga Legacy RYT500 program requirements, as useful additions to your RYT200 Certification, or as continuing education credits (CECs) to satisfy Yoga Alliance requirements. These modules are 21 hours each, taught over a 3-day weekend: Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.

Detox Yoga
Teaching detox yoga in a warm/heated room, including poses beneficial for detoxing the body and mind. PREREQUISITE: Modules 1-4 or current RYT200 certification.

Hot Yoga
Teaching hot yoga, including different types of classes that can be offered safely in a heated room. PREREQUISITE: Modules 1-6 or current RYT200 certification and Detox Yoga Level 1A.

Senior Yoga (including Chair Yoga)
Teaching yoga to seniors, seated in a chair or using a chair for support. PREREQUISITE: Modules 1-8 or current RYT200 certification.

Yoga Modifications
The correct use of props in a regular yoga class to aid people with special needs, such as beginners, people recovering from injuries, prenatal, senior, or plus-sized students. PREREQUISITE: Modules 1-6 or current RYT200 certification.

Specialty elective modules (beyond RYT200)

You can take these modules as part of our Yoga Legacy RYT500 training program, as additions to your RYT200 certification, or as continuing education credits (CECs) to satisfy Yoga Alliance requirements.

Prenatal Yoga
Training includes teaching yoga to prenatal students (in a regular yoga class, in a prenatal class designed per trimester, and in a prenatal mixed-trimester class) and to postpartum students. This training will cover all trimesters of pregnancy as they relate to yoga. Prenatal yoga includes 10 days of training, 7.5 hours each, taught over 5 weekends. PREREQUISITE: RYT200 certification.

Water Yoga
Teaching yoga in the water. Prerequisite: Module 1 along with another teaching certification (Group Fitness, Water, Personal Trainer, etc.) or current RYT200 certification. This is a 9-hour module taught in one day. It has no prerequisite.

Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga
Yoga asanas practiced while balancing on paddleboards, typically on a lake, river, creek, or calm ocean cove. Training will include an ACA Level 1 SUP Skills Assessment. This module has 24 hours of training taught over 3 days. PREREQUISITE: Trainee must have an RYT200 certification or currently be registered in Yoga Legacy RYT200 Training Program. Learn more about SUP.

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